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Refill Service

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At Millie & Que we are all about being environmentally friendly and we encourage all of our customers to re-use their jars. One great way to re-use your Millie & Que jar is to refill it with your favourite fragrance at a discounted price!

How our Refill Service works:

- Drop off your empty, undamaged candle jar at either our Baldivis or Aubin Grove location and we will refill it for you.

- Allow up 1-2 weeks for your refill order to be fulfilled.

- Refilled candles can be picked up from the same location or we can post it to you (postage fees apply).

How to clean your used candle jar:

- Fill your jar with boiling water and let it stand until the water has cooled.

- Scoop out wax that has risen to the top and discard in the bin.

- Drain the water and remove wick tab from the bottom of the jar.

- Repeat process if needed and then wash jar using warm soapy water.

- Pouring hot, waxy water down the drain will cause the wax to harden and could possibly block your drain.

*Please note that the paint from the inside of the white jar will come off if the jar is scrubbed or scratched. If this occurs during the cleaning process, your jar can still be reused however, it will become a clear jar instead of a white jar- but still looks just as good!