About Us

Meet the makers

Millie & Que was established because of our love for beautiful candles and their ability to remind people of cherished moments.

Established in 2019, Millie & Que is run by husband and wife team, Daniel and Jamie. Jamie is currently a stay at home mum and began the business when on maternity leave with their first child. She is also the primary candle maker. Daniel works full time and when he has some free time he is usually behind the scenes helping Jamie when she needs a hand. They began their candle making journey by pouring small orders in their home kitchen and eventually created a home studio with the dream to turn candle making into a small family business.

When they are not being creative, Daniel and Jamie are sharing special memories with their two beautiful children and spend time together enjoying trips to the beach with their puppy dog (15 year old, not quite a puppy!), going on road trips and seeing family.

What we make

We use Australian sourced ingredients to create our candle and diffuser range. Poured using natural soy wax and lead free, cotton wicks, our candles have a cleaner burn making them more environmentally friendly. Each ingredient is free from animal testing and we blend them with the finest fragrances made to send sweet, warming scents throughout your home.

Using simple and elegant jars with a wooden or glass lid, each candle jar can be refiled or reused when you have finished burning your favourite scent.

Why we choose soy wax

Soy wax is natural

It is made from soy bean and contains nothing artificial! It is non-toxic and better for both your health and the environment.

It has a cleaner burn

As it is a vegetable based wax, soy wax burns much cleaner than paraffin waxes and doesn't let off black soot.

It has a lower melting point

As soy wax melts at a lower temperature, if you were to spill some wax, you are at less risk of burns. It also means it is easier to clean up if spilt.