'Glow me then Grow' Candle

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Candles that care

- Is it the end or just the beginning?

While you may be a bit bummed that your 'Glow me then Grow' Candle has come to an end, there is something beautiful still to be created.

Burn, clean, plant and then grow! With an aim to reduce waste, our 'Glow me then Grow' Candle Range hopes to inspire you to reuse your beautiful Millie & Que candle jar, giving it new life. With a beautiful ombre finish, your vessel can be used as a planter for the Swan River Daisy plantable seed paper dust cover that comes with each candle.

Millie & Que candles are made from natural soy wax and we use lead free, cotton wicks. They are free from animal testing and we blend them with the finest fragrances made to send sweet, warming scents throughout your home.